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Funeral Wreaths and Floral Baskets

We missed our loved ones who have passed away lately. At LaLa Gifts HongKong Flower Shop, we understand the sorrow and are committed to hand-picking the freshest and highest quality floral materials to prepare the funeral wreaths and floral baskets. We want to show our condolence and last respect to the deceased.

Our experienced and creative floral director has designed a series of traditional and modern funeral basket and floral baskets for you to choose from. The western style funeral wreaths are getting increasingly popular and are suitable for all funeral occasions.

Why do you choose LaLa Gifts HK Flower Shop?

Floral Materials of the Highest Quality - as always, we care about and respect all the deceased. It is our policy that flowers are never reused for preparing funeral wreaths and floral baskets. We only use the freshest flowers obtained from the market every morning.

Safe Delivery - we have a dedicated delivery team to take care of all deliveries. The team will ensure all funeral wreaths and floral baskets are delivered to the designated funeral homes on time and most importantly, in their original good shapes.

Unique Design - we have a wide range of funeral wreaths and floral baskets for you to choose from. For the traditional styles, 葵葉, lilies, roses, 大丁, etc. are used. Whereas for the western styles, usually only one type of flower is used, for example, white lilies. The naturalness stands out among others and represents a good taste.

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